RIP3: The Last Hero

RIP3: The Last Hero 1.6

RIP3: The Last Hero is a futuristic shoot´em up game
1.6.6 (See all)
Elephant Games

RIP3: The Last Hero is a futuristic shoot´em up game. This game has been developed by Elephant Games, that doesn´t sell or distribute it. In turn, Meridian4, mentioned in the game in the first place, and now offers it at its webpage.

The game is played in a pot-down view. You will fight against invaders that conquered the Earth. So, you must fire at everything that moves. The enemies will march in hordes towards you. You must repel their attacks by firing at them using your mouse to aim and shoot. The left mouse button will fire regular shots, while the right button will fire missiles. You can move your character with the cursor keys. You must avoid the enemies' touching you, while firing at them. You will be able to destroy elements in the scenario, like computers or machines, that will explode and will kill some enemies around. From time to time you will see an icon that, if touched, will send your enemies back, giving you time to walk away from them. After killing certain number of invaders, you will be promoted to the next level.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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